Equipping Students to
Make Smart Decisions,
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Welcome to Maximize College. I teach students how to find well-fitting academic majors and careers so they can confidently make career choices now and in the future. 

Hello, I’m Dr. Karina Dusenbury.

I spent 15 years on college campuses helping students make wise academic and professional choices. Now, I use my expertise to equip future college students with the knowledge and skills they need to do the same.

When students know how to make wise major and career choices, they are better prepared to take charge of their professional lives…no matter what job or career changes await them.

Now, let’s get started…

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How to REALLY Find the Best Career

One of the most frequently viewed blog posts on Maximize College is titled Can My Student Realistically Choose a Career in High School? I believe this post is so popular because it addresses the number one question I hear parents and students ask when they want to...

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I offer The Career & Major Planning Lab to help students begin the process of finding well-fitting majors and careers. Click the link below to learn more about the workshop content and to register for an upcoming lab.


I’ve offer one-on-one coaching to students who want individual guidance with career and major planning that goes beyond the content of my workshops. Click the link below to learn about the diferent programs I’ve created to meet your unique needs.