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Welcome to Maximize College. I teach students how to find well-fitting academic majors and careers so they can confidently make career choices now and in the future. 

What can I help your child do?

My child needs help discovering college majors and careers that fit.

My child needs to determine if his or her plan is the best choice.

Hello, I’m Dr. Karina Dusenbury…

I spent 15 years on college campuses helping students make wise academic and professional choices. Now, I use my expertise to equip future college students with the knowledge and skills they need to do the same.

When students know how to make wise major and career choices, they are better prepared to take charge of their professional lives…no matter what job or career changes await them.

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Schedule a 60-Minute Career & Major Game Plan Session

Could your student benefit from a one-on-one conversation with an experienced career and academic coach? Then let’s meet via Skype* for a session that will help your student develop a plan that he or she can use to find well-fitting majors and/or careers.

*In-person sessions are available in Fort Mill, SC. Some restrictions apply.

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Support from an Experienced Counselor

Students receive support and encouragement via coaching sessions and email communication from an 15-year career and academic advising veteran.

On-Demand Lessons

Students complete video lessons and workbook exercises whenever they can fit them into their schedule.

Affordable Pricing

By receiving a portion of their instruction through videos, students gain the same benefits of weekly face-to-face career coaching sessions at a fraction of the price.