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How to REALLY Find the Best Career

One of the most frequently viewed blog posts on Maximize College is titled Can My Student Realistically Choose a Career in High School? I believe this post is so popular because it addresses the number one question I hear parents and students ask when they want to...

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How Important is College Major to Your Student’s Future?

Have you ever wondered how important your student's college major is to his or her future career opportunities? Then, here are four facts that you'll want to know. FACT #1: MAJOR MATTERS MOST FOR CAREERS THAT REQUIRE LICENSURE If your student plans to pursue a career...

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How to Help Your Student Find Happiness at Any College

Many students look for their dream school when they begin their college search. However limited finances, declined admission, and difficult family circumstances may prevent them from being able to enroll at that institution. While this can be disappointing, it doesn't...

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Should Your Student Choose a Career or Major First?

As your student begins planning for college, you may wonder if he or she should choose a career or major first. Based on my experience working with college students, I typically recommend that students begin with career selection. However, students are different. Your...

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5 Strategies to Help Your Student Find Career Matches

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