The Career & Major Planning Session

A 60-Minute Coaching Session that Gives Your Child a Personal Plan to Find a Well-Fitting Career and Academic Major

What’s keeping your child from choosing the right major or career? Does he or she:

  • struggle to pinpoint what he or she likes to do or could do best?
  • feel unsure about how to make a the right choice?

Would you like to help your child overcome these challenges and confidently commit to a well-fitting major or career?


Then Let’s Meet for a Career & Major Planning Session

Hello, I’m Dr. Karina Dusenbury. I spent 15 years on college campuses helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. Many students that I worked with started college without clear objectives or with objectives that changed because they weren’t tested in advance. Lack of a clear direction often cost these students time, money, and a lot of frustration.

I wanted to help future college students avoid problems like these, so I started Maximize College. Now, I teach high school students how to find and commit to well-fitting careers and majors so they can reap the benefits of starting (and completing) college with a clear purpose.

I offer the Career & Major Planning Session to show students what they need to do to overcome their current obstacles and discover well-fitting career and major options. Please keep reading to learn more about this one-on-one coaching opportunity for your child.

Here’s How it Works:


Click a “Register Now” button to reserve a session for your child. Once your registration is complete,  you will receive instructions for setting your child’s session date and time. The session will be scheduled within 8 business days of your purchase, unless you request otherwise.


Your child will complete a questionnaire prior to our scheduled coaching session. This introduces me with your child’s specific needs, questions, and experiences beforehand, so that we can make the most of our session time.


Your child and you will meet with me for 60 minutes of coaching using an online conferencing tool. During our meeting, we will further discuss your child’s unique needs so that we can create a plan he or she can implement to make wise career and academic major decisions.


After the session, your child will receive a PDF document that outlines his or her specific action plan. This plan will include checklists and resource recommendations to help your child carry out the plan on his or her own.

These are Examples of Topics I Could Discuss with Your Child:

How to identify the skills, interests, and values that make your child unique, and how to connect them with career options.

How major and career interests should influence college choice.

How to find majors related to careers that interest your child.

Strategies your child should use to research careers that interest him or her.

Strategies your child can use to choose between multiple majors that interest him or her.

How to interview or shadow professionals to make better informed career choices.

How to identify career paths commonly pursued by graduates of a major that interests your child.

How to choose classes that count toward a degree if your child plans to enter college undecided.

And as a BONUS Gift…

If your child wants to continue working with me after completing the coaching session, I’d be delighted to have him or her enroll in a Maximize College course.

If you register your child for a course within 30 days of completing this coaching session, you will receive a 30% discount.

The Career & Major Planning Session is perfect for students who:


feel comfortable meeting with a career coach virtually.


want more support than they are receiving from their guidance counselor.


don’t have a guidance counselor.


work well independently once they know the actions they should take.


aren’t ready to commit to a Maximize College course, but are interested in getting basic support.

Session Pricing


Price includes:

  • 60 minutes of individual coaching. Parents are encouraged to observe their child’s session and participate as appropriate.
  • Customized post-session action plan to help your child take the right steps to find a well-fitting academic major and/or career.
  • Various checklists and resource recommendations to help your child take action.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times are coaching available?

I schedule coaching sessions Mondays through Fridays between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Actual availability on a given date vary based on my other appointments and commitments.

Once you register, you’ll receive an email with instructions for scheduling your session. The session will be scheduled within 8 business days of your purchase, unless you request otherwise. If I’m unable to meet your coaching request within 7 business days, during my published coaching hours above, you can cancel your coaching registration and receive a refund.

What tools or software do I need to participate in online coaching?

I use Zoom Video Conferencing for coaching sessions. This is an online platform that will require you to download an application to your computer. You’ll receive a link to access our Zoom virtual meeting room for our scheduled session.

For more information about Zoom, please visit

How do I know if this coaching session is a good fit for my child?

The Career and Major Planning Session is best suited for students who do not need significant support working through the steps of career and major decision-making. If you believe your chlid may struggle working with a virtual career coach or have trouble following an independent plan, you should consider other options.

Some students who participate in coaching go on to take Maximize College online courses. This can give students the additional support they need to complete steps of their action plan.

What results can my child expect from participating in this coaching session?

The Career and Major Planning Session is designed to help your child identify the steps he or she should take to find well-fitting majors and careers.

Success in any endeavor is based on many factors unique to your child. Therefore, the exact results experienced by each participant will vary. Participants who openly share their needs and ask questions during coaching will find it the most helpful. Participants who follow the plan set during coaching are most likely to achieve their career and major planning goals.

At what point in my child's academic career should he or she participate in coaching?

Maturity and self-awareness are critical traits for participants to get the most from the experience. Therefore, I believe the ideal time for your child to participate in coaching is during his or her sophomore junior, or senior year in high school.

Every child is different, so mature high school freshmen may be ready for coaching. I also recommend coaching for college underclassmen who lack the support they need to make wise career and major decisions.

Who should register for the coaching session? My child or me?

I recommend parents register their child for coaching if they will be participating in the session. Your child, however, should complete the pre-coaching questionnaire.

Can my child schedule additional coaching sessions after this one?

Due to time constraints, students can only receive additional one-on-one coaching from me if they are enrolled in a Maximize College course.

How can I share additional information with you about my child?

If you feel there are things I should know about your child prior to coaching, please include this information on the designated portion of the coaching registration form. You can also send me an email at with additional information. Please send this information at least 18 hours prior to your child’s session to ensure I have time to read it.

Don't wait. Help your child find direction today.

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