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If you’re like most Maximize College clients and subscribers…

you want your child to find a career that brings happiness, security, and a place to live out his or her purpose. Your child and you are investing in college because adults with degrees typically have more and better career opportunities.

But you’re not naive.

You know some students invest significant time and money in college, but still struggle to find enjoyment and meaning in their work. Some even struggle to find employment all together. If you want to help your child overcome these obstacles, you’re in the right place.

I’m Dr. Karina Dusenbury, the founder of Maximize College.

I’m a college and career coach who teaches high school students how to find well-fitting majors and careers. When students know how to do this, they can more easily take advantage of the right opportunities in college and are less likely to waste time and money on classes they don’t need. They also possess the skills they’ll need in the future to strategically adjust or change their career path.

To serve families like yours, Maximize College offers resources that help students:

  • discover and understand their skills, interests, and values so they can choose a major and career that fits early in their academic career.
  • identify colleges that offer them the support they need to thirve academically and professionally.
  • understand the factors that will impact their ability to graduate on-time.
  • develop the skills employers want but say most college graduates don’t master in college.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Then, let’s get better acquainted.
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How to REALLY Find the Best Career

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Here’s a little more information about my professional background and credientials.

I spent 15 years serving students at private and public colleges and universities. I have held positions in academic advising, career counseling, college admissions, leadership development, academic support services, and new student orientation. These experiences have equipped me to address a wide variety of issues that face students as they make career and academic decisions.

I have also collaborated with college faculty members, admissions representatives, company recruiters, and professionals working in various industries. Each of these groups has unique expectations of college studetnts. I have experience educating students about these expectations so that they can make smart choices and stand out among their peers as they network and seeK internship and job opportunities.

I hold a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration from North Carolina State University. I earned my Master of Arts in College Student Development from the University of Iowa, and my Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri. My formal education has given me additional insights into how colleges work and what it takes for students to achieve the results they want in college.

I launched the Maximize College blog in January 2015 and have been seeing private clients since July 2015.